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Why Peaches Hair Studio?

by April Ford |

When we were given the challenge by the owner to rename the established 'Haras & Co' we immediately called a team meeting. Let me just created a picture for you, six girls, trying to agree on one name. (ahhh) We sat down and thought about what our hair studio meant to us. Incredibly only one week later               P E A C H E S was born. 
Peaches is a symbol of youth, immortality and peace. The continuous renewal of life. It symbolises softness in the way we love to colour hair, natural and sun-kissed. It also resembles our studio relaxed bohemian vibe. Peaches say a lot about female charm and making our guests feel beautiful and desirable when they walk out our door. Dreaming of coming into the studio... We all know dreaming of peaches is a good omen for love .. the love of your hair x